Compelling culture restores people to God and empowers them for Life.
By Life, we mean eternal life, God's abundant life (John 10:10), the great life that God purposed for you to have right now and in eternity.

When lived-out in community, these core values produce our compelling culture.

God's Our Number 1

The scripture is our plumb line. We don’t settle for anything less than the promises, presence, and leading of God. Spirit-filled ministry describes us.

Glued Together

Mi casa es su casa! Our church family is  genuine, warm, friendly, and fun. We have fun knowing God and being known by Him. We accept people as they are, giving time for God to transform their life. Life together is better! 

God's Diverse Family

Heaven is diverse and so are we. We pursue unity while celebrating diversity. We disciple ALL PEOPLE to find their individual gifts from God and minister in their God-given purpose.  We are multiple generations, ethnicities, and backgrounds growing together as the local church. You belong here!


Compassion moves us to invite people into our lives, our church and into Christ. Our desire is to see people saved, healed, set-free and living an abundant life now and in eternity. We reach global but start local.


We are faith-filled, risk-takers, getting out of the boat to take territory of heart and earth. We are kingdom expanders, putting word and action to our faith.

Innovation Think Tank

The message is sacred, but pews are not. We challenge “business as usual.” We are creatives made in God’s image, learning together, to glorify God.  

Steward the Ship

We are honored to serve God with excellence. We are responsible with our resources, including people, vision, and finances, to become the church Jesus wants us to be. Our stability empowers generosity.