Before you start serving, we encourage everyone to take Fresh Start. These classes are designed to help you discover your part in God’s story and fulfill His call on your life. It’s about finding freedom, healing, purpose, and opportunities to grow here.

About the Classes

Fresh Start Session 1 | Compelling Family
In this session, you will learn how you can belong in God’s family and the Compelling Church family. You will have the opportunity to build relationships, discover the importance of salvation and water baptism, and receive an invitation to become a member of Compelling Church. 

Fresh Start Session 2 | Compelling Life
In this session, we will discuss how to experience God’s Compelling Life by developing an intimate relationship with God and receiving empowerment from the Holy Spirit.

Fresh Start Session 3 | Compelling Purpose
In this session, you will learn how to fulfill your Compelling Purpose, discovering who God created you to be and how you can partner with God impacting the world for good. 

Fresh Start Session 4 | Compelling People
In this final session, we discuss the importance of people in God’s eyes and introduce you to ministry serving roles here at Compelling Church. You will fill out the Build Team Application Form and fill out a Background Check. 

If you are interested in taking Fresh Start, sign-up here.